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Error -1012 Feature Unsupported


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This error is coming up when we try to do an automatic backup of our Snap! Server and stops the backup from executing. When we execute it manually the error can be overridden. The backup scripts for the main server work fine. The errors seem to be mostly related to .AppleInfoFiles.


We have looked back at the log, and some of the files it now refuses to back up are files that have been there for over three months, and have not caused a problem before now. We have scanned the Snap! Server to see if it has any errors but the drive is fine, so we are at a loss to know how to fix it (except for removing whole folders of data which defeats the purpose of a backup system).


We considered uninstalling and reinstalling the programme, but through 'add and remove' it tries to use the install wizard, and then says it has been interrupted and will therefore not change anything.


If we can isolate what the error is we may be able to figure out what is


causing it and how to correct it.


If someone can help us it would be greatly appreciated!




Many thanks, Stacey

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Try manually uninstalling Retrospect:




1) Go to your Program Files folder, find the Dantz folder, and open it. If there is only one item in it named "Retrospect", then go up one level, and put the Dantz folder into the Recycle bin. If you have other Dantz products installed, simply put the Retrospect folder into the Recycle bin. Empty the Recycle bin.




2) Open the registry editor, by typing "regedit" into the Run prompt (under the Start menu).




3) Search for "Dantz", and delete all entries you find. After your first search, you can type F3, to "Find Again" on "Dantz", to help make the process quicker.




4) Go back to the top of the registry, and search for "Retro", deleting any entries you may find.




5) Reboot




Try a clean installation of Retrospect to see if the issues are resolved.



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