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New WinXP client hangs

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I'm trying to add a new WinXP client version 5.6 to Server 5.6 running on Win2000 Server. It shows up in the subnet broadcast list, but when I add it, Retrospect connects and hangs. The client window shows In Use by Retrospect for Speed Test and the CPU usage on the client goes to 99% and stays there as long as I let it. Even after clicking Stop at the server, the client still stays at 99% CPU. I have to kill the retroclient.exe process.




If I then reboot the client and try to add again, the Server software throws up a dialog that says Closing... and stays there forever. At this time the Retro client reports Connected.




I've turned off System Recovery, uninstalled the client, rebooted, reinstalled, set HKLM\software\dantz\retropect client\5.0\BindListener to the correct IP address, rebooted. I've even rebooted the server. All to no avail.




The client is a Dell Inspiron 8200, 2.4Ghz, 512 MB. We have other XP clients working fine.




Any ideas?

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Try a crossover cable directly between the backup server and the client.




As the problem is only with a particular client, that's where we'll start:




Update/reinstall NIC drivers.


Reinstall TCP/IP protocols.


Try a different NIC, if possible, as a test.

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Disable any non-Microsoft processes and startup items by going to Start > Run and typing msconfig.




In the System Configuration Utility, go to Services and hide all Microsoft Services. Disable all others (except Retrospect Client). Repeat for Startup. Reboot and try to connect to the client again. This should help rule out third party software conflicts.

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I already tried what you have suggested. I also did a parallel installation of WinXP and the Retro client runs fine when I boot into that installation.




What this tells me is that the hardware is fine, but there is something amiss with a system file that must have been replaced by one of my applications or Microsoft patches that is fouling things up. I don't have much confidence that I'll find it.




I only see two options at this point: (1) Wipe the drive clean and reinstall everything one app at a time until it fails again; (2) Boot into the parallel installation of XP whenever I want to backup. Neither sounds like much fun!




If you have any other ideas I'd love to hear them. Again, thank you for your suggestions.

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I would try a disk utility to try to shake out the loose cannon. Other then that, there's really no good way to determine where the rogue file may lie. The only other thing I can suggest would be to see if possibly logging in as another user resolves the issue. This would be much easier then going forward with a completely new OS if it works.

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