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ext. FW drive not avail


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Please help,




I am running Retro 5.6 on XP system and just after I loaded it it worked great and recognized the ext EXQuest FW Harddrive I just bought. After doing a backup once I downloaded the MS service pack #1 for XP. After about a week with no prob's I decided to run another backup. NOw I cannot see the Ext FW Harddrive in the Retro storage devices list.............nor the environment.




What happened!!!!




The drive looks fine in "my computer" and "explore"......and I have tried transfering data to and from it, outside of Retro" and it works fine.




I even just downloaded and tried the new v3.--- driver update for retrospect............no dif, and no worky.




Please help!





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You should actually never see hard drives listed as available storage devices. This window is reserved for media devices, such as Jaz, tape or CD drives. Hard drives only show up in this window when the OS views the drive as a removable drive (such as Jaz or Zip) rather then as a standard hard drive.




That being said, rest assured that as long as the drive is available through Windows Explorer, it will continue to work. When creating your File backup set, your "save" location will be the EZQuest drive.

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