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We currently use a Snap Server as part of our daily office network. We have a second Snap that is used approximately 20 days a year for a special project. We want to add some more redundancy to our network by doing a daily copy of the data on the first Snap to the second, in case of a failure. We can do this successfully on a Windows 2000 box running Retrospect 5.6, however we recently have switched over our backup from our backup server to a dedicated backup machine running XP Pro.




When we made the switch we could no longer do this. Whichever Snap we connect to first is the only Snap that retrospect will use?






Terry Dickson

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Whichever Snap we connect to first is the only Snap that retrospect will use?

Can you outline _exactly_ what you are doing, and where you're seeing the failure? Is this a backup or a duplicate? What error messages are you seeing? The steps you are taking would be helpful.

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We are doing a duplicate Job. We want to copy the contents of one directory on the first Snap to an appropriate directory on the second. When setting up the Script, it takes a very long time to setup, however it will setup. Upon starting the script we get a Server Login Prompt. I enter it appropriately and then it will tell me it is unavailable. The weird part is no matter how I set it up, the source is fine. When it gets to the destination server is where it fails to run. If I set up a reverse of the two Snap Servers the Source is fine and the Destination is the one that requires a login and fails. We have the same userID set up on both Servers and the same PW setup on both. It will and does work fine from Win2K. I am currently looking at copying the info to another Windows box, then back to the second Snap to see if that works.







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You may need to configure the Retrospect Launcher Service to automatically log into the shared volume using a non-"system" account for proper login to the shared network volume as follows:




Windows 2000/XP


1. Open the Services Control Panel under Administrative Tools.


2. Select Retrospect Launcher, stop the service and then click the Startup button.


3. In the “Log On As” section select This Account. LocalSystem will appear in the field to the right.


4. Change “LocalSystem” to the account you want to use and then enter your password in the two password fields.


5. Restart the Launcher Service.




You will need to configure both volumes for automatic login. Under Configure > Volume right click on the drive and select Properties. Click the hard drive icon for Automatic Login to configure the appropriate logon for your network volume. Enter the Network Logon and password for your mapped drive.




Note: This User will need to be apart of the Administrators group. For best results, logon as the Local Administrator of your mapped machine.

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