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Retrospect unable to see any of my drives


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Hello again all:




I am having a problem with retrospect 5.5 seeing any of my cdrw or dvd0ram drives. When i attempt to backup to either the dvd-ram drive or a cdrw drive, I am told that there are either no removable drives or drives found. When i look into the devices tab, I only see my AIT tape drive. When I look into the environment tab I see all the drives are visible, but there is no driver listed next to all of them. I am running windows 2k advanced server and using an advansys scsi adapter. I can see all my drives inside windows explorer or any other program that looks at the drives such as powerdesk. Can someone help me out here I am trying to backup to dvd-ram. The dvd-ram drive is a atapi device and the cdrw's are scsi devices. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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While in Retrospect, go to Configure > Devices > Environment and list Vendor, Product and Version for your drives.




Also, make sure you are backup sets that correspond with the type of drive you are using. If you are trying to backup to a tape drive, and Retrospect gives a message that no removable discs are found, this would indicate you are using a CD or removable disk backup set rather then a tape backup set.




DVD-RAM drives are universally supported, and are accessed through the Operating System. Retrospect does not load drivers for this device - make sure you are installing drivers provided by the vendor.




If you put a DVD-RAM disk in the drive, can you open / explore it through Windows Explorer? If so, open Retrospect and go to Configure > Devices. Is the drive/disk seen? If so, Retrospect should have no problem backing up to it with Removable Disk backup set.

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