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Error 102


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My personal experience with error -102 was on a W2K SP2 system running Retrospect Desktop 5.6 RDU 3.0. The system had been working OK and then the error started happening--I couldn't tie it to a specific event, but minor things do happen to systems as programs are installed or updated, the OS is updated, etc. I started to always get the error when doing a File backup from one drive to another drive on the same PC *and* when trying to do a File backup from a drive to drive on another PC across a 100Mbps LAN.




I was getting ready to reformat the drive when SP3 came out so I decided to try that. After that the error -102 went away. I'm not sure if that fixed an actual bug or restored/repaired a DLL that something else had overwritten, etc.




I'm now running Retro Pro 6.0 RDU 3.2 on the same W2K SP3 system and haven't seen any more of the -102 errors.

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