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Trouble in Retrospect Express

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I have an iMac/G3 with 512MB of memory. I am working with OS 10.1.5, and have Retrospect Express 5.0.205.




I recently purchased a FireWire drive, with the intention of moving OS 9 to it, and using my computer entirely for OS X. I first wanted to backup OS X, because I would have to start up from either the FireWire drive, or the OS X disk, and reformat the the iMac's drive, and restore OS X from the copy that I would keep on the FireWire drive.




When I started the backup, I got this message: Trouble in Retrospect Express Internal consistency check failed: Assertion check at "module.c-654"




I have no idea what this means, but I would like to be able to get around this as soon as possible, because I feel a bit naked without a backup.




Any help would be appreciated.

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This post is identical to c.654 Error, which I also posted in another area of this board.




I found the message below, in quotation marks, from another post. It does not work in my case. When I use Show Info on the partition that has OS X, there is no check box (there is on the partition that contains OS 9, and I tried to back that partition up, but I still get the c.654 error.).




This is an novel approach to Tech Support. I guess, through the process of trial and error, that I will eventually solve this problem, because the help I am getting from Dantz has been virtually nil (besides the providing of these forums, which at least provide some avenue of support–I am aware of your paid support, but I have difficulty with paying for help with software that NEVER worked well from the day that I purchased it).




"HFS or HFS Extended? If you repeat the duplicate does the error reproduce?




Do you have the Ignore Privileges option set on that volume? (Check this in the Finder by highlighting the drive and doing Show Info (Command-I), then changing the pull-down menu to show privileges.) If so, please UNCHECK that option and try to repeat the duplicate."

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