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I have seen this error a couple times:




> Trouble writing files, error -1410 (unknown).




I am trying to run a duplicate script, which duplicates some files in a folder on my internal hard drive to a zip disk on a USB Iomega zip drive. Partway thru the script, I get this error and the operation stops. Any ideas?




The folder that I am trying to duplicate is the "Users" Mac OS X folder (with some contents - cache files and one subfolder - filtered out via selectors). But, I am running 9.2.2.




I have run Norton Utilities on both the hard drive and the zip disk, but no problems are found.




I don't even know what file it is trying to duplicate when the error occurs.




Retrospect Version and build : 5.0.205


Computer Model and speed : G4 733 mHz (Quicksilver)


Operating system : 9.2.2, with latest CarbonLib and Authorware updates (as of this posting)



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OS X files cannot be copied properly while booted into OS 9. You should boot into OS X and try duplicating the files. Does the same error occur?




Note: You should reformat the Zip disks under OS X before using them in this environment.



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