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Retrospect loses CDRW

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I have a very bizarre problem with Retrospect. It will on occasion (about once every 5 days) lose track of the CDRW drive to which I want to do a daily backup. This usually happens when Retrospect is running a script. The backup stops, and Retrospect logs a -204 error (device not found). When this happens, Retrospect won't see the CDRW drive again until I reboot the whole computer. Other applications can use the drive w/o problems, both before and after Retrospect "loses" the drive. I initially had Nero installed, along with its packet-writing addition. When the problem occurs, Retrospect refuses to try to recover the CDR to which the backup was being copied; I have to insert a new CD.




I tried uninstalling every piece of software that could communicate with the drive other than Retrospect. I also disabled XP's built-in CDRW writing in the drive's properties window. I used a different IDE cable to connect the drive to the computer. There was a CD-ROM drive on the same bus, hooked up as slave; I disconnected that too.








Duron 800, 384 MB RAM, XP Home (french version), Retrospect Desktop 5.6 w/7 clients, internal Yamaha 3200E-XV CDRW drive set to master on the second IDE bus of the motherboard.

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