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Win XP and Retrospect Desktop v5

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I just upgraded my father's computer to Win XP Home. He was running Windows 98. He has Retrospect Desktop (still at version 5.0) that he uses for backing up. I recently installed a SCSI card in the computer so that I could use my Travan tape drive (4/8 gb) to backup he computer. Retrospect recognized the tape drive fine and backed up to it under Win98. Now, under Win XP, Retrospect does not recognized the tape drive. Win XP does recognize the SCSI card and the tape drive (in the device managers) so it seems to be a Retrospect issue.




Is Retrospect v5.0 compatible with Win XP?




Also, I went to the support section of the Dantz site to see if there were any updates to Retrospect Desktop v5.0. I found some driver updates but nothing else. Will a driver update update v5.0 to v5.1x or something later. Or is the only option to upgrade to version 6 if it is a compatibility issue with Win XP? I could find nothing in the Dantz support page that would say one way or another if v5.0 would work with Win XP.




Any help would be appreciated.

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Actually, I have another question that you might be able to help with that is along the same line.




I have also upgraded my Windoze machine to Win XP. I was using Windoze ME and had a v5.15 Retrospect client that allowed me to use Retrospect 4.3 on my Mac to backup the Windoze machine.




Does the fact that Retrospect Desktop v5.0 for Windoze not support Windoze XP mean that the same is true for the v5.15 client (when used with the 4.3 Mac version)? In otherwords, will I have to upgrade my Retrospect clients (looks like about $60) and my Mac version to work with the newer clients (another $100) to be able to backup my Win XP machine?




I plan on trying with the current setup but have not gotten around to it yet. I figured that I would ask ahead of time.





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So am I able to update/upgrade the version 5.15 client that I currently have on the Win XP computer to version 5.6 or do I need to go all the way to version 6? In otherwords, do I need to upgrade my license for my client(s) (i.e. pay money to upgrade) or am I able to just download and install either the 5.6 (or 6.0) client installer that is on the "update" page and still use the client license number that I have?




I guess I am little unclear on this.





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OK, I have to admit that I am really confused now.




In one of the previous posts, it seemed that I could use the version 5.6 client on my XP machine along with my version 4.3 Retrospect to backup up the XP machine. Did I interpret this correctly?




If so, then I am wondering about the 5.6 client installer that is available on the "Updates" page. Will the license that I have for using the 5.15 client work with the 5.6 client if I install it using the installer that can be downloaded from the "update" page?




Or do I need to pay for an upgrade to get an upgraded client license that will work with the 5.6 client (or version 6 client)? That is the current client license that I have won't work with the version 5.6 (or version client)?




And if I have to pay for an upgrade on my client license, then does that "force" me to upgrade all the way to the version 6 client or can I still use the version 5.6 client?




I am trying to figure out what the minimum that I need to do to be able to back up my Windows XP machine in addition to my two Macs. I have to admit that if the only solution is to both upgrade Retrospect to version 6 and pay for an upgrade to the latest client license, then I will be more than a little disappointed/angry. After all, that would mean paying $170 to get my backup system working again, when if I had been doing my backups from a Windoze machine then the cost would be only $50 to upgrade to the latest Windoze version that actually INCLUDES two client licenses. I guess that is what I would get for being a loyal Retrospect user on the Mac since version 1, long before the idea of a Windows version was even a figment of someone's imagination.

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