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Please help me correct this error

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I am running Retro Server 5.6 in a W2K environment. I have just completed a server recovery rebuild from a disk crash during which I restored all the client catalogs. I am now receiving the following message after every backup-server script runs.




Log contents:


tyceInstall: LmRepair failed, code 14


arcDoRead: can't install tyce, error -802 (typed-space is corrupt)




It 'looks' like backups are successful. How do I correct this?




Thanks in advance for your assistance.



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It's a possibility that your configuration files are corrupt. Try removing your current configuration files (config55.*) and having Retrospect create new ones (which it will do on next launch). You'll have to recreate your scripts, but it might solve the problem.




Alternately, you can always elect to restore old configuration files from a backup, if they are available. You might be able to find a pre-corruption version of the files, and would avoid having to redefine all your variables.

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