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HL-DT-ST GCC4120B. This is one of the CD-RW/DVD drives sold installed in new 700mHz flat panel iMac's (the model below the iMac with the DVD-RW drive). Has anyone been able to successfully back-up to this device with Retrospect Express? When I perform a back-up the initial or first back-up goes fine, then on a second or incremental back-up Retrospect erases the CD without warning. An error message something like: media not recognized, erased! And it really is erased. There is no way the user can prevent it from happening. Retrospect erases the back-up CD when it attempts to write the incremental back-up. How frustrating.

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I have an FP iMac with this drive.


If I use Retrospect Express to create a backup to a CD-RW, and if I immediately do a restore of a few selected files from that CD-RW, the restore works fine.


If I then quit Retrospect Express and eject the disk, then start Retrospect Express again and insert the disk, Retrospect Express reports "content unrecognized" and cannot do a restore.


What is happening, why, and can it be fixed?


Yours sincerely,

James Prescott


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