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Version 6.0 Upgrade, etc.

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I'm a new, prospective user of the product and have a few questions:




1. If I buy the current version, will I receive a free upgrade to Version 6.0 now that the product has been announced for mid-summer release?




2. I plan to use a hard drive in a removable tray as the backup device for my small 2-PC peer-to-peer Win XP Pro network. I want to keep a contemporaneous clone of the harddrives (2 partitions each, all mappable) on both machines on the removable drive---much larger than the two local drives together--- located in one of the machines, then take the clone drive home with me every night (fire, theft, etc.).


a. Is this doable with this the desktop/workgroup product, either current version or upcoming?


b. If so, how many licenses will I need?




3. Will this product allow data-synchronization between machines on a small peer-to-peer LAN?


a. If so, the same over a WIN XP PRO VPN (DSL hookups on both ends)?




Thank you.

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