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Installing upgrade: freezes & type 1 errors

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I wanted to share my experiences thus far in installing the upgrade of Retrospect Backup. I was previously running version 4.3.




To test the new version, I have been trying to run some old duplicate-style scripts that duplicate files onto Zip disks. The Zip drive in question is a USB Iomega drive.




Some system info:


Retrospect Version and build : 5.0.205


Computer Model and speed : G4 733 mHz (Quicksilver)


Operating system : 9.2.2


Device (from Retrospect's Configure > Devices > Device Status window) :


The devices window contains an entry that reads (when a Zip disk is inserted):


, 95.0M, Content Unrecognized, USB (v2.1.1)


Device Status shows no info at all for this drive


Device firmware (in the version column of the Device Status window) : no info


Device interface : USB


Media brand and size : Iomega Zip 100


Other Devices : internal CD-RW drive (lite-on brand)




PROBLEM 1: The computer would freeze whenever I quit the program.




SOLUTION: This appears to be a conflict with the Behierarchic 4.2 control panel.


When this control panel is disabled, the problem goes away.




PROBLEM 2: Type 1 errors whenever I would try to run a script. As soon as I clicked on the Execute button, I would get a type 1 error.




SOLUTION: I believe the problem was a conflict with the software I had installed for my Logitech Optical Wheel Mouse - the "MouseWare" package. I was running MouseWare 3.5.2. I downloaded and installed the latest version, 4.0.3, and I can now run my "duplicate" scripts to copy to my Zip drive.




It only took me a day to figure this out. I had to do the tedious and frustrating task of turning on/off system extensions, rebooting, testing, ad nauseum - twice, for the two problems. I hope this info may be helpful to others who might be experiencing similar problems. I would be interested to see if others find similar solutions.




It would be really great if Dantz could (confirm and) post some of the conflicts found by users. After perusing the different group lists, it seems that lots of people are having similar problems, problems that are not covered in the searchable knowledge base.




Now, I am going to try backing up to my CD-ROM drive. Anyone want to place bets on whether it will work without a hitch? :-)

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Retrospect 4.3 and Retrospect 5.0 have one major difference: Retrospect 5.0 is a Carbon application which allows it to run on OS 9 as well as OS X. Any Carbon application running on OS 9 requires the CarbonLib extension, in addition to base extensions, to launch and run. With previous versions of Retrospect, no extensions were needed to actually launch the program.




You may have programs on your machine that conflict with CarbonLib or Carbon based applications in general. It is important to update all your programs to ensure best case compatibility.




We currently do not have a list of known extension conflicts. Every system is different, and extensions that have a conflict on one system do not always have a conflict on another system.




Regarding the error Type 1, we have not seen a situation yet where the problem does not go away when booting from either the System CD or a Retrospect CD. This would indicate an extension conflict with an installed program that may not be designed to run while Carbon applications are in use.




Also, CarbonLib 1.6 and Authoring Support 1.19 are now available from Mac OS 9's Software Update control panel. You may need to be using OS 9.2.2 to upgrade.

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