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Unattended Backup Media problems

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I have recently upgraded from NT4.0 Server to XP Professional.




I was using NTBackup. No probs.


Upgraded to XP. Now it says that the media name is not the same as the specified one.




Downloaded roughly 7 different backup proggies trying to get round this problem.




The latest proggy is Retrospect which has been the most impressive to date.




setup a backup script, set the source folder to the d:\ drive. Set the backup destination to the tape drive and saved the destionation name as Backup Set A. Set the type to recycle media. set the schedule to once a day.




Tested the script by setting the backup time to 2 minutes from the current time eg(11:02) and sat back and waited. Halleluja it ran! but it asked me for the media to use!!!!!!!




can someone please tell me how to tell the backup proggy to use whatever tape is in the tape drive. And if it does not like the tape ERASE it so that it can use it.









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If a tape has been used with a previous backup program, you will need to first erase it before Retrospect can use the media.




A recycle backup will use an erased tape or erase the first member in the set you are recycling. In other words, if Backup Set A has 2 members (tapes), and you ask Retrospect to recycle the set, you will need to insert either an erased tape or 1-Backup Set A (the first member in the set).

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I am about to do something similar.




I want the backup to erase each tape prior to backing up, no matter what set it is from, contents, whatever.




I want the user to do nothing but swap the tapes each day.




Is this possible.





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