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Win 2000 Workgroup & Mac OS X Client

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I apologize if I am being slow and there is, in fact, a definitive answer to my question, but I have searched not only the Dantz messages, but also the MacFixIt Forums and have gotten mixed messages (pardon the pun).




If I have Retrospect Workgroup running on my Windows 2000 machine and buy a Retrospect Macintosh Client, will I be able to back up my Mac running OS X 10.1.4?




I know there are issues running Retrospect SERVER on Windows and backing up Mac clients. I know you need Retrospect SERVER on Windows to back up Mac SERVERS. What about WORKGROUP-Win backing up CLIENT-Mac?




Thank you for any help you can give.




Nancy A. Renfree


Gander Educational Publishing

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My wife is trying to upgrade her mac to OS X and I do all of the backups from my Windows 2000 Server, so she cannot upgrade her mac to OS X, because I can not longer backup because I have no client for OS X that works with Windows 2000 workgroup server.




When will the next version that supports OS X clients be ready (general timeframe, next month, next quarter, next year, next decade)








Bill Chesnut

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Any way we can put presure on someone about this, it is going to start causing me lots of problems and I don't think that I will be alone in this.




If I cannot get some sort of idea on the timeframe, I will be forced to use some other method/product to do the job.








Bill Chesnut (long time user of retrospect)

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I stumbled on the same problem last week (Win2K Workgroup server, OS X client) and tried very hard to make it work; I restarted pitond in logging mode and read the log files and noted that the client activation screen in the Windows server actually generated network broadcasts that the client detected. Similarly, the Test button in the server verified that the client was visible and running, but still no client activation was possible.




I'm very disappointed to hear that a 6.0 server will be needed for this to work. Nowhere in the product datasheet (http://www.dantz.com/index.php3?SCREEN=rwb_win) is this limitation noted. In fact, the opposite impression is given by the following quotes:




"Backs Up: Any networked desktop or notebook running Retrospect client software on a local network"




"Supports Windows 95, 98, Me, NT 4.0 Workstation, 2000 Professional, XP Home Edition, XP Professional, or Macintosh PowerPC computer."




"Client Requirements: Mac clients: Power Macintosh running Mac OS 7.1 or later with Open Transport TCP/IP networking"




I apologize if this sounds negative but it's a frustrating experience for a long-time (since version 1.x) Retrospect user. Any chance we'll see OS X client support back-ported to 5.x as well?

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