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Catalog out of sync

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I've been getting very consistent "catalog out of sync" errors with one of my backup sets.




However, I'm wondering if there might be something going on with the MEDIA, rather than with the CATALOG.




Is it ALWAYS the catalog at fault when this error occurs? Or, can there be something going on with the media?




When this occurs, the previous time I used the media everything completed successfully; the media has been off-site in a safe location for the previous week.

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From the Knowledgebase:






A Catalog out of sync error indicates that Retrospect was unable to update the catalog the last time it copied data to this backup set. This may have been due to equipment failure, power failure, a full disk (error -34) or a lack of memory (error -108).




Repair the catalog. See 'Updating a Catalog'. If updating the catalog does not eliminate the 'catalog out of sync' error Retrospect cannot add files to that tape. You have three options:




1. Perform a recycle backup which resets the catalog and erases the media or Internet directory removing its existing backup files.




2. Skip to a new medium with media control forcing Retrospect to use a new piece of media for the next backup.




3. Create a new backup set and do a backup to new media.




For tapes this usually means that the tape was damaged, used by an incompatible backup program or used with an incompatible drive.








Catalog out of sync in WinXP:




With certain tape drives you may see a catalog out of sync error when attempting to append to a backup set when running under Windows XP with Retrospect 5.6. This is caused by extra polling added in Windows XP to various tape drivers. Particularly affected are Travan drives using ATAPI, USB, or IEEE 1394 transports.




To solve this problem, upgrade to Retrospect 5.6.132.



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Well, thank you for your reply, but that doesn't answer my question at all. Obviously, I've been following those fixes, but there isn't any discussion of what can be done to *PREVENT* these problems from occurring; fixing them isn't difficult, it's just enormously annoying to have to do it on a regular basis.

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You would have to fix these problems first:




This may have been due to equipment failure, power failure, a full disk (error -34) or a lack of memory (error -108).




Neither of those can really be prevented except for the last 2.....buy a larger hard drive, or more memory. Hard to come up with what to do to prevent these out of sync errors from occuring.





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