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Freeze at startup

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I installed Retrospect 5.6 on my Win2K workstation and setup scheduled backups. It ran fine for a couple of months, the I realised that it wasn't backing up. When I tried to start it from the Start menu, it would just freeze at startup. I then did the following;




uninstalled & rebooted


logged on as an administrator and installed Retrospect


copied the driver patch file, that I had previousley found on the Dantz site




logged on as an administrator


started retrospect, entered the licence code and did a default backup


used the default settings in disaster recovery to copy disaster recovery instructions to a floppy




ran retrospect


started EasyScript


selected "only this computer"


used the default backup set names


set the backup time to 22:00 (alternating the tapes weekly)


selected start now


in the morning, I restarted my computer


when I try to start Retrospect, it freezes, just like it did before!!!



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While Retrospect is frozen at it's splash screen, my Windows 2000 Pro task manager, shows the following;




Applications tab


Retrospect is not shown on the list of running applications




Processes tab


Retrospect.exe shows 0-4% CPU usage and Mem Usage of 11,348K

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I am having the same issue.




I was told by support to disable unattended backup reboot and then re-enable it and reboot again to reinstall. Unfortunately this did not fix this for me.




In addition I show MSTask.exe being hung in the applications portion of Task Manager

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