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Cannot Complete Install-plz help!

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When I attempt to install a trial version of Retrospect for evaluation purposes, I receive the following error code:




Internal Failure


error # 0x80070725


Description: Incompatible version of the RPC stub.






Makes it tough to evaluate the software when I cannot even install it...




Running on a Win98 SE system with 256MB RAM, 550MHz PIII processor and 30GB free hard drive space. Downloaded the trial version twice from different download locations to see if I had a hinky download--nothing seems to help.




Please give me a clue as to what I could do differently; I would like to try and buy...






Troy Wise

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Try this:




If you are receiving errors when installing Retrospect 5.6, complete the


following steps:




1. Move your Retrospect preferences files (config55.dat and config55.bak)




your Windows desktop. These are located in the Retrospect folder at Program






2. Uninstall Retrospect 5.5(5.6) from Add/Remove Programs, or by using the 5.5






3. Open Regedit by typing "Regedit" into the DOS prompt, or start it from


the Run menu.




4. Search for and delete any registry keys and folders containing "Retro".


Do not worry about any lagecy registry entries.




5. Reinstall Retrospect (5.6)5.5




6. Return the above config55.dat and config55.bat files to the Retrospect







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