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Retrospect does not backup all files/folders

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When retrospect does its' daily back up there is an error message "5/3/2002 12.38am: Script "MIS_ASIP_Server" (Retro): Storage (F:), 331 execution errors". Now the strage thing is that the backup backs up the majority of all the folder and its content, but there are certain folders that are beign copied but not completly, missing some file and/or subfolders.


I've looked at the settings and cannot see a difference, please help.




WinNT4 sp 6


Mem - 400MB


Retrospect 5.6

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What about the security settings of the user which installed Retrospect versus the security settings of the folders/files that are not being backed up?




Or, did you install as Administrator, and administrator has RW at the root of the volume?







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