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Win XP lockup


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I received Retrospect Express 5.6 with my Yamaha Spyder 70 CDRW USB 2.0 drive. I am trying to operate this backup in a Sony PCG-Z505JS laptop with a USB 2.0 PCMCIA card. The drive is recognized, but when the backup gets between 36 and 46MB, it just stops. no activity. Pressing the stop button, asks me if I want to quit. I answer yes, then we are rock solid hung. Watching this forum, I have done the following:


1. updated to the 3.0 driver, although installation instructions were vague


2. turned off System Restore




Since I got this softeware as part of a bundle, I am not paying for support, so I need free support (email support is fine), and I am starting my journey here.




Nero is installed as it also came with the drive. In-CD is NOT installed, nor is any other packet writing software. I am running Windows XP which can write to CDR drives.





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