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Virtual Memory / Paging Pool Errors

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Since installing Retrospect Backup Server (5.6.132) on a Windows 2000 Professional machine, I am getting these errors:




"Application popup: Windows - Virtual Memory Minimum Too Low :


Your system is low on virtual memory. Windows is increasing the


size of your virtual memory paging file."




"The server was unable to allocate from the system paged pool


because the pool was empty."




I saw the recent retrorun discussions, and disabled "Enable Restrospect Launcher service", figuring we would just kick the jobs off manually until a fix was available. I can run the jobs fine from the immediate window, but if I leave the machine alone for any extended period, it locks up from lack of memory.




The machine ran fine before the installation.




The PC has an Onstream SC-50 tape drive, but the hardware was not installed until about two weeks after Retrospect (and the errors occurred before then). It has 256M of real memory.




The Retrospect logs look normal except for sections like this (which may be related to low memory??):








3/7/2002 1:27:22 PM: 4 execution errors


Completed: 842 files, 91.3 MB


Performance: 17.7 MB/minute (12.9 copy, 28.2 compare)


Duration: 00:11:30 (00:01:11 idle/loading/preparing)




windOffscr: CreateCompatibleBitmap failed: 8.


windOffscr(1): SelectObject failed: 2.


windOffscr: CreateCompatibleBitmap failed: 8.


windOffscr(1): SelectObject failed: 2.




+ Retrospect version 5.6.132


Launched at 3/13/2002 11:04 AM


+ Retrospect Driver Update, version 2.7.117


Quit at 3/1A3/2002 11:13 AM






Help? Ideas?

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I discovered that the memory leak continued anytime Retrospect ran for a long time, whether started manually or with the launcher.




In talking with Tech support, they indicated that Retrospect does not co-exist well with Norton Antivirus, which was running on the machine.




By disabling the Autoprotect feature in NAV, I have been able to circumvent the memory leak (I manually stop Retrospect and scan for viruses weekly now). Hope this helps someone else!



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