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Various errors being generated by retrospect

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Hi all,


First time posting here.


I keep getting a series of errors with my Retrospect 5.1 running on OS9. It's backing up 1xOS9 machine and 3xOSX machines to DVDs. The prblem I am having is that I get a set of different errors when trying to do a backup.


Initially I get

'trouble writing media. error 100 device rejected command'


So I stop the back up. When I try again I get a different message 'can't use 140-DVD backup 1, erased'


And finally, trying again I'll get 'catalog out of sync with backup set' When I try a repair the error mesage then go back to the first one when I try another backup.


I've tried just running with minimal extensions and used a different type of media to no avail. Does it mean the drive is duff? perhaps not reading properly?


Can I just buy a replacement DVD drive, and if so which one? The approved drive listing don't seem that helpful TBH as I have to manually cross reference products listed in the guide with searching over the web to see if a particular model is available.


Hope someone can help.







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Hi Chris,


It sounds like the drive you're using is not supported, though you don't say one way or the other. If you look in Configure>Devices>Device Status you can see the model drive you have listed in the "product" column, and in the driver column look for "RDI". RDI indicates a custom built driver, which is necessary for attempted use of an unsupported drive, but might also be created with supported drives. If you custom configured your drive it is important to use the same type of media the drive was configured with. This means the same brand name as well as DVD+ or DVD- and R or RW.


Rather than search through supported drives one by one, you can try looking through the driver update version history and see what drives were supported in a chronological fashion. You can see update version history here: http://kb.dantz.com/article.asp?article=7886&p=2

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