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Can't make client on server

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Here's the situation. We use Retro 5.1 on our server and we use Retro Client 5.1 on our computers. I am in charge of keeping the computers running and will admit that I don't know as much as I should but I try.


I got in a new G5 Mac OSX Tiger computer. I was using a G4 OSX Panther computer. The way it works here is that when someone gets a new computer, theirs gets passed down to the next in line. I changed the names of the computers and changed the passwords so that Retro would recognize them. I was able to get the old computer backing up but am running into problems getting my new one to do the same. When I go to make a new client, I get a message telling me that "Activator code conflict found." So I look in the log and it tells me that my old computer and my new one are conflicting because they have the same activator code. "Activator code 3-4S88-EPL7-X66Z-1 is used by multiple clients." Can you help me with this one?


And then I was reading in here that even if I get this working correctly, Tiger isn't compatible with 5.1? Is that right? Do I need to get new software for the server? Because, isn't it true that the server can be, let's say for example 6.0 and the clients can stay 5.1, but it can't be the other way around-the client is a higher version than the server? I need some guidance. We may need to do some major purchasing so we can all be getting backed up correctly. You see there are 9 computers that need to be backed up regularly.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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For Tiger machines you really should be running 6.1. I'm not saying 5.1 won't work, but I wouldn't expect it to.


The activator code issue should be unrelated, however, and you may be able to resolve it be trashing a preference file on the client machine. First, turn off the client by holding the command (apple) key and clicking Off on the client interface. The status will switch to Not Running. If it just says Turned Off, then you need to try again.


Once the client is not running, delete the file called retroclient.state from /Library/Preferences. The client status should then change to "Waiting for password initialization (click "On" button)."


When you click on the client will prompt you to enter and confirm a password. After this you will need to forget and add the client again on the backup server.

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