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Backup = 339.2GB instead of actual 8.6GB????

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Hi everyone,

I just tried to add a new Windows client (ver 6.0) to my Mac OS X 5.0 backup system, and it connects fine and sees the client, but when I try to run the backup it scans the volume and thinks it is 339.2GB in size, when in reality it is only 8.6GB total......


Now I know I am running an older version, but everything else works just fine and I've never seen this issue before.....(and I am running several different Retrospect backups across multiple subnets......so I've "been around the block" lol cool.gif )


Any help would be great.



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I've seen something similar to this when scanning an OSX machine that had been "archive and installed." It turned out that the archived files were incorrectly reporting their size in the finder, but only if you checked the size of the directory - the drive properties still showed the correct size.


I would start with subvoluming the folders at the root of the drive and see if you can narrow this down to a particular incorrect directory.

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