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Help....problems with restoring all folders after external drive crash!

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Hello, I am having some problems trying to restore an external hard drive with Retrospect Backup 5.1, and I wonder if you can help.


We are running on a Mac G3 OS9, and backing up a couple of External drives on 3 different workstations (OSX). My External drive died yesterday, so I am in the process of restoring my much needed files onto a new external drive.


My problem is that a lot of the files are not restoring. All of the files appear in name, but there are hundreds that seem to be corrupted (maybe 20% of the total files), or did not transfer over correctly. They have the right file name, but their size is only 8 or 40 K, and they do not open.


When I hit restore, and select a folder....it goes through the process, but at the end it says "101 Execution Errors" (The amount of errors vary by folder). When I go to the drive where I was copying the files, all files are listed, but around 20% are these small 8k or 40k files, and are mostly unreadable and garbage.


When I tried to do a test of ONLY ONE of the bad files by itself (thinking maybe it was the size of the restore, it says it is the right file size in the snapshot (say 362k), and starts to restore, finishes the restore and says the transfer was completed...no error, and that the full 362k was transfered. BUT when I go to the drive and open the folder....it is the 8k file on the other side?!?


I went into the Operations log, and there are hundreds of errors saying "can't link to"... "-43 file/folder not found" or "General error". When I go back to the log of when the folders and files were backed-up it says the "Execution completed successfully". It also appears on the tape that the folders and files are there and are the correct sizes. It is just when they are in the act of transferring that some do not end up at the new drive safely and at their correct size.


Any help please? These are files that are desperately needed (hence the backup program!) I am sorry this email is so long....but I wanted to be thorough.


Thank you in advance for your help!

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