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Error 515 Piton Protocol Violation

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I'm running Retrospect 5.0.238 (backup system) and 5.0.236 (client system) on two different MacOS 9.1 systems. The client is a mail server and the inbox files are backed up every night. Starting several days ago, I've been getting error 515 (Piton Protocol Violation) every day. The User's Guide says that this error occurs when Retrospect detects corrupted data over the network and usually indicates a hardware failure.


The problem appears to be one specific file - according to the backup set contents list, all of the other files have successfully been backed up. No other files on this machine and no other machines are affected, so I don't think that it's a hardware failure. I've tried copying the suspect file (no problems, so it appears the file is not damaged) but it still isn't backed up.


Anybody seen this behavior or have any suggestions?

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