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I have some old 4mm back up tapes. they were made on OS 9 machine probably retrospect 3.x or something.

i want to copy them to dvd but all of a sudden, they all show up "unrecognized content"

I'm using an ATTO pci scsi card and i tried it on a few machines. if they're all bad, they all went bad at the same time and kind of suddenly because I was able to read a few of them a few months back on a different machine.


is there a diffinitive way to tell if the tapes have gone bad? if so, is there a way to revive them?

could it be hardware or software/os problem?

Any ideas would be much appreciated!!


also, if I can't work this out, does anyone know where I could send them to get the info off the tapes? is it expensive?


thanks very much!!

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