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Can't backup Outlook mail box

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Hi everyone,


Retrospect Server 5.1, running on OS 10.3.5 on an eMac with 512 MB RAM.

Lacie AIT-2 firewire

Lacie BigDisk 500GB firewire




Windows XP Pro SP 2, 1GB RAM

Retro client: 6.5


I seem to have a problem backing up my windows clients when the users have their mail boxes open. If I run a script during the day to backup a few windows laptops on the network, then I get the following from each client.


Can't read file "Outlook.pst", error 4096 (unknown), path: "C:\Documents and Settings\Foo Bar\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.pst".


However, if the user closes Outlook, then the backup seems to work fine.


It seems like some file locking issue. Any ideas for a solution ?


I was thinking of running a batch file as a cron job on each windows machine to make a copy of the Outlook.pst in to try and get round the problem, but would prefer a neater solution.





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Hi Nate,


I have the batch file working, using xcopy. I thought it best in the end to run the batch file from the startup folder to avoid any file locking problems with XP. This way the .pst file is copied to a backup directory as the user logs in. allowing Retrospect to copy the file in the backup directory without any problems.



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