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Rebuild of catalog has taken 17 hours so far - appears to be repeating files over and over

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We had a total disk failure, so we have a new clean install of OS 10.4 on a new disk. I can't

remember exactly (as this is my son's machine and not mine) if that is the exact OS he had before. It

is possible that it had 10.4.2. Also we have copies of Retrospect 5.1 (not Express) and 5.0 Express on most remaining machines in the house. I don't remember if his backup was made with 5.1 or 5.0 Express. I made a guess and put 5.1 on his machine for the restore. Retrospect appears to be stuck trying to recatalog the backup set.


The backup set consists of 14 DVDs, spanning nearly a year of backups. In the middle of that time the computer was upgraded from 10.3.X to 10.4. The backup disk it is currently working on is dated from the backup made the day of the upgrade (the 3rd one of 4 for that day). I believe there were less than dozen backup snapshots made during the year. (Fortunately, the last was only about a month ago).


So, I have been rebuilding the catalog for 17 hours now with 5.1. It's been looking at the same disk (disk 11) for about 10 of those hours. This seems excessive. Most or all of the files on this disk appear to be Itunes Music files. While looking at the Recatalog window I have noticed that the file names are cycling over and over again. They all seem to have come up over fifty times now. It reports having "completed" 222.0 Gigs so far. The machine's original disk was only 20Gigs. I also have not heard the machine access the DVD drive for at least nine hours. What is going on?


Is this normal behavior for Retrospect? Should I give this disk another day or so? Should I quit out of this after investing so much time and start over using 5.0 Express instead? Would it make any difference which I used?


I guess I am hoping to salvage something off these disks. The data seems to be there, too.


Any suggestions?



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