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Scanning incomplete, error -1407 (unknown)

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I am running OS X Server 10.3.9 on a Mac Mini. I ues Retorspect 5.1 to do both incremental backups (backup server using an Exabyte VXA-1 tape drive), and a complete boot-disk copy (to an external LaCie USB-2 drive) every morning.




The other day I needed to restore the entire book disk from the external drive. (A complete software restore back to the same physical disk.)




Now when the backups run, I see "Scanning incomplete, error -1407 (unknown)" in many places in the log file, and the backup terminates. The error is always associated with a file for which there are WAY too many copies for me to check and/or restore. For example, it occurs w/ "ReadMe.rtf" which is included in every software update receipt.




This is on the same partition that Retrospect is installed on, i.e. not using the Retrospect Client. I have the latest version and driver update for 5.1.




I have checked permissions a/ Disk Utility, used every disk/partition/file/volume test in TechTool Pro 4, and even used Disk Warrior. (Did all of these while booted on a different drive.) Nothing helps.




Any ideas?







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Have you tried formatting the internal drive and doing another restore?


If you have the time I would move (not copy) the problem files to another physical disk and then move them back to the internal disk again. This will force the OS to physically rewrite the files on disk and update the directory listsings for the files.


FWIW - I have seen many cases where disk utilities were unable to see problems on a disk.




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I am loathe to do a format and complete restore again (that is what let to this situation) for various reasons. I want desperately to avoid that.




I have thought about removing (completely) and restoring the "problem" files (assuming a corrupted file is the problem), but as I mentioned in my original post, some of the named files are all over the place and I don't know which one is the culprit. For example, it is giving the error on "Info.plist" which I count 1471 versions of that file on my boot disk.




Do you (anyone?) know of a way to get more specific information from Retrospect about which file it is complaining about? A full path, as opposed to just the file name?





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OK, I think I found the problem, and hope I can fix it.


I found one of the "corrupted" files for which there was only one version on the boot disk---an HTML file associated w/ iPod help, and since I don't use an iPod on that machine I removed the file.


Then I ran the backup, and it complained about not being able to *find* that file. Huh? Why should it complain about a missing file? Then I realized...and looked at Configure -> Volumes, and sure enough, all of the subvolumes I had defined for backups were now bogus. They are all pointing to *files* or bogus folders, instead of subvolumes (folders). It is as if Retrospect had been using a low-level pointer (inode or something) for the volumes, and reformatting and restoring the volume change the pointers/inodes, and viola, it was now trying to back up bogus sub-volumes.


Now to see if I can restore the proper sub-volumes.


Stay tuned....


Thanks again for the response/help.



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