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Client keeps switching off

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I'm sure there is a very simple answer to this problem, but I'm stumped meantime.


I am running Retrospect 5 on my server and have 2 clients (both airport networked laptops) I have been successfully backing up with Retrospect for a long time.


Recently I changed servers, setup new Backup Server scripts on the new server: each time they run successfully once, but the next time they are due to run, the Client app has switched to off, so doesn't back up.


Clearly something wrong in my new setup, as the Client apps have not been changed.


suugestions please.

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When switched to on, it runs the next time it is scheduled then switches to off!


I have not tried uninstalling etc as yet as I hadn't seen it as a client problem. I had not changed the client setup at all, and it had functioned perfectly for a year or so. All I had done was point a different server at it.


I suppose I could give the remove/reinstall dance a go, though......

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