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Persistent error when starting automated backup

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My environment:


Max OSX 10.4.1

Retrospect Express 5.0.238

Backup device: Maxtor OneTouch Firewire


I installed Retrospect from the Maxtor Install CD. 5.0.238 is the latest version, according to dantz.com.


Problem 2: persistent error when starting Retrospect.


Every time I start Retrospect I receive an error :Automatic Execution unexpectedly terminated (possibly due to a power failure or system crash)`"


Your KB article 5736 suggests that this is fixed in version 5.0.205 or later. I am running 5.0.238.



What I've tried: I tried using the Uninstaller to remove and re-install Retrospect, but both errors persist. So I uninstalled again then, using the list of files in KB article 5694 "Files installed by Retrospect" I manually removed everything else that I could. I rebooted (out of superstition, more than anything else) and reinstalled Retrospect. Same thing.


To remove the drive from the loop I cleaned it up (by destroying the volumes) but Problem 2 persists.


How do I kill this error?




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