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unexpected end of file on Windows client (files restored from Mac)

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Hello folks,


A staffer moved from Mac OS X 10.3.8 to Windows XP. I backed up his data files on the Mac (using Retro 5 on another Mac OS X), and restored directly to the XP. Now, when Retro tries to backup the XP, it tells me that the files (about 6600 of them) cannot be read, error -39, unexpected end of file. On the XP, the files look fine.


Was it a mistake to restore Mac OS X files to XP? If so, can I fix the problem? Is there something else going on? Are there any open source or otherwise free utilities on the Windows side that would tell me how these data files look to the XP?


Thanks for any assistance.



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I did a Retrospect restore to the XP client. I, too, figured that would be the way to go. (Maybe it was and there's some other problem....)


Sorry to take so long to respond. I thought I was configured so that I'd be notified by email of any response, but I guess not.

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