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Various problems with Retrospect 5.0

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Hi! I've begun working with a company that has a small network of 25 computers (80% Mac OS X, 20% WinXP). They are using Retrospect 5.0.238 on a G4 server running Mac OS 10.2. One of the issues we are dealing with is with one of the WinXP desktop clients. This computer is running the Client version 5.6.112 and has a bunch of files that were moved over from a previous Macintosh. About 100 of the files in that folder keep sending a -43 error (incorrect pathname for file/folder). I can't seem to figure out why Retrospect can't seem to find these files, as I have verified the path on the client machine and the files are valid and in the correct path.


This leads to the second issue. I tried updating the client on this machine to the latest build (the 6.0 Windows client that I downloaded from the support site). However, upon restart, Norton Antivirus 2005 began giving an Internet Worm warning. I tried allowing "Permit" to always allow traffic from Retrospect on that port and the warning disappeared. However, every second or two following that, the warning would reappear and stop all work on the computer until it was dismissed. I checked the settings in Antivirus, and it is set to "always permit" the traffic for Retrospect, yet it constantly gave me the worm alert. I was only able to correct it by uninstalling the 6.0 client and reinstalling the 5.6 client.


Any clues as to how to get these files backed up?




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I suspect there are some illegal characters in those file names. Are they all in a common parent folder or do the errors happen on files in many different locations? I would move (not copy) the problem folder to another disk, scandisk and defrag the original disk and them move the files back.




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