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Cannot "exclude" a folder

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I just bought an external for the sole purpose of doing a complete backup of my startup volume, but I want to exclude my downloads folder as there are gigs of data in there I do not to keep backed up.


Is there a trick to creating an excluded folder in a storage set?


I have tried numerous times and Retrospect just keeps making copies.

thanks for any help.




Retrospect 5.1.175

OS X 1.3.8

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Nothing worse than a poorly stated query.


Thanks for the response. What I did not make clear is that I have used the:


automate->scripts->edit->exclude to where it reads my parameters correctly:


"selecting exclude names contains "blahblahblah" folder"


But when I run retrospect it just ignore this attribute adn copies all the files.


This has happened to me the three or four times I have tried to create an "exclude" folder.


All thoughts appreciated.


Henry blush.gif

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Go to special->selectors in Retrospect, open up the selector you created and run the "check selector" feature from the "selector" menu at the top of the screen. This will tell you if the selector is working the way you want it to.


Selectors are maddeningly logical. Even the slightest mistake and they won't work.




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I think it is working. It takes awhile to check as it seems the only way is to run either the script or "check selector", either way it has to scan my entire drive.


I used the "enclosing folder" and "match" instead of "contains" for the parameters.



For such a repsected(sic) program one would think issues like this would have a more graceful solution.





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