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error stating we need to upgrade to access the server.

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we are using retro workgroup with 10 clients capable. retro server is on a g4 with osx 10.3.8 and a dvd drive. our server has the mail services going on it but does not have a dvd drive. so, we installed retro client on the server running osx server 10.2.8. we want to back up the AppleMailServer folder with our other script but retospect server running on osx will not will not access the retrospect client running on osx server at all. is there a work around for this or a permisions modification i can make to get this to work?




Also - I've tried to run Retro work group on multiple Macs and it only recognizes my DVD drive on some machines. Ive tried backing up to a DVD drive on a PMac G5 and iMac G4 and it didnt recoginize the DVD Drive (cant find storage device) - running on a different PMac G5 and an older PMac G4 works fine.... any ideas?

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