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Sorry, newbie here. I have a new powerbook and copied a lot of media (movies) from my old book. I tried to backup some new media using the new PB as the source and the same retrospect catalog that I had been using. When I went to backup retrospect wanted to backup everthing from the new PB even though most of it had been backed up already. Why doesn't retrospect recognize that some media is backed up already. I'd start over but it's 56 gigs. Thanks for any help

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There are a lot of things that can make the files look different to Retrospect when they are moved to a new machine. The bottom line is that something about the files has changed so Retrospect needs to back them up again.


It may be a good time to start a new backup set ...




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Thanks Nate, I understand the problem but I have to say that with storage drives being so cheap and media being moved around a lot, I find it annoying that retrospect can't handle this situation. I have to start a new backup set which mean feeding DVDs all day. Worthwhile I know, but still annoying, Wyatt

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