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retro 5.1 restores directories, NOT files

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I've been a Retrospect user for many, many versions now -- at least 15 years. Never seen this one before.


I archived my data fro several drives to a DVD set. When I do my search for restores, all my files show up, but some are in a directory called ".Trashes", under that is "501" and under that is When I do the restore it looks like they are being restored to a destination drive, but only the top directory is written. The software says "Execution completed successfully" so the software thinks it did its job, though it didn't.


At no time were any of these files in the trash during the archive, so I'm stumped about why I have a .Trashes" directory. Where did the "501" directory came from? Are my files being written anywhere? If not, how can I get them to write back to my drives?


One other item which may be a clue: the searching and retrieval' window lists the directories as "root/unknown."


I've worked with this software a lot. I can't imagine what I did wrong that might have caused this, other than upgrade my Mac OSX to 10.3.8.


If there are any real gurus out there, I'd like some ideas on how to get my data off the DVDs. Thanks. shocked.gif

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I've tried sarching for individual files with this same result. I don't have the problem with earlier backups or scripts, just this one Archive script.


I'm not going to do any more archives of my files until I understand why this happened.


I use to trust Retrospect, but now I'm leary.


Thanks for input, though. If you have any other thoughts: appreciated.

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Nate, yes, this is the only backup set that has this problem. Everything else I have, going back to the late 80s still works fine (except for a few snapped data tapes.)


I can try the catalog rebuild, what can hurt? This will replace the original script, right? So I will make a copy of the original script (but not with Retrospect -- LOL.) Do you know of any downside?


Retrospect already sees the files in the script on my DVD and acts like it is restoring them to my hard drive, but nothing shows up but the top directory.




Thanks for you help so far.

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