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Retrospect 5.1.175 stuck comparing indefinitely

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When running my easy script, more often than not, Retrsopect backs up 13.8 G of a W98 machine and usually has about 300-340MB to finish either comparing or copying and hardly ever does. I keep on restarting it but gets stuck at approximately the same point but NOT ALWAYS the same file.


It only gets stuck on this machine. There are some execution errors [whatever those are] on some machines but since this is the first one, it is hardly ever getting to the other machines [Mac and Windoze].


This morning it was stuck copying a temporary internet file that was 0 bytes.




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Nope, Windoze not dozing off. I renamed the machine with a T at the beginning and then ran it and on the 18 of 20 when it had copied 2.5G with only 318.3M left it got stuck in the endless comparing loop!


When it is at the beginning, it never gets past this machine. When at the end, it finishes all the others [Windoze 2k, OS9, OS 10.37] but stops at W98 2E.



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