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Something I discovered about locked catalogs

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Using Retrospect 6.x and Panther, I was getting a message about a locked catalog at the end of the scanning process. (PBG4 1Ghz VXA-1 FW 10.3.x). I fixed permissions (which was useless) and even rebuilt the catalog (which fixed the problem for one backup session), but the problem always returned. Now, I find that if I take my catalog file and unlock the padlock under the ownership and permissions details in the Get Info window, that I never have this problem.


I post this message because no one I spoke with at Dantz tech support had a clue of how to fix this without rebuilding the catalog. If anyone knows of another way to avoid this problem, please share it with us all.


Now, I know of no other OS X application that requires you to do this. The reader may draw their own conclusions regarding how well Dantz programmers have done with the issue of UNIX file permissions, etc.

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