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Backups Asking for Second Tape

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My backups are asking for a second tape in order to complete. When I check, Retrospect indicates I am 4.9GB over the tape limit. Here's the problem. When I calculate everything I am backing up, there should be no reason for it to be asking for a second tape. When I run the log, I am seeing a big size discrepancy on my volumes. For example, one volume is 2.78GB when I look at it in Get Info. Retrospect is reporting it is 32.4GB. This type of thing continues with all my other volumes. Has anyone seen this? What recommendations can anyone give me.



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There are a lot of factors that can affect the amount of data on a tape. How is the tape drive connected to your machine? If it is SCSI, what SCSI card and driver version are you using? How fast is the computer running the backup. If the machine is too slow the tape can outrun the data causing wasted space on the tape.



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