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i'm having a problem on retrospect 5.1 latest version on mac osx panther. it tells me (after i configured the internal drive in my powerbook successfully) that for the old projects archive the media are to different from the other members in the archive. it doesn't want to write anything on it although it just finished one such cd and i just configured it to these media. any ideas how i can proceed in working with this archive?



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i'm trying to restore something from my old backup set that has too different media and the freakin' retrospect can't read the disks anymore!!!!! it says "incompatible"!!! i'm freaking out here! this is incredible! could it be the tracking of my old scsi burner is so different from my currrent drive (built in ibook combo drive) that the drive can't read the old media anymore??? any ideas? please, help me out here!

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Be sure to get rid of any .rdi files that are in your Retrospect preferences or the Retrospect program folder. They may be fouling things up.




Your drive has native support in Retrospect 5.1 and above with the latest driver update installed. you can get the driver update from the Dantz updates page.




You don't need to run the drive configuration wizard.





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I had a similar problem, with a drive that worked for a while then refused to work. The key thing here is to get rid of any old configuration rdl files, and then start a new backup set. This should allow you auto-configure the drive while doing your backup - don't configure the drive in the Tools tab window, it doesn't work.

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