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Restoring an incomplete backup set

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I have a incomplete backup set that I need to restore from. It has two volumes with the second one not being recongnized. I lost the catolog files and had to rebuild them. Is there any way to get the information from the incomplete volume.


Thank you.

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I am using DVD-RAM Type II disks (2.6Gig) and Retrospect 5.0.238. I created a backup with two snapshots that spanned 7 disks. The first complete snapshot is working fine and I can restore it. The second snapshot was interrupted. I lost the catalog files and rebuilt them, but the second snapshot is missing.


I am wondering if I can retrieve some or all the data from the second snapshot?


Thank you

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Thanks - I get it now.


Even though the backup was interrupted anything that was written to the disks up to that point will be available for restore. However you won't be able to use a shapshot to get that data.


Rebuild the catalog from all 7 disks. Then do a "search for files" restore and leave the search criteria blank. This will give you a list of every file in the backup. You can then pick and choose however you like.




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