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How can I do an Easyscript Duplicate?

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Hi Folks


I'm running Retrospect Express 5.0 with a G4 1GHz MDD. I back up to an Ext LaCie HD. What I want to do is to run an easyscript to create an exact duplicate of my boot HD to my Ext HD. At the moment I am doing a manual immediate backup which would be OK but it takes for ever each time. I thought after the first time the 2 disks would compare and only change the relevant bits( whichb isn't much in my case) but it appears to be backing up the entire HD again which takes hours. Easyscript would be great but Idon't think it does an exact duplicate each time. Are the back up sets exact duplicates?


Thanks in advance

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easy script is a particular type of "backup" script. I think what you want to do is create a "duplicate" script.


The difference between duplicate and backup is explained here:




To create a script go to the Automate->scripts menu and click new. If you are prompted to use easy script say "no". Then choose duplicate.




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