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Auto backups not runnning

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I've set up my father's G5 running Panther with Retrospect 5.0 and Timbuktu Remote. I configured his system to run automatic backups of both his and my mother's Macs every weekend.


The trouble is that the auto backups never "fire" on their own. I can Timbuktu in and run Retrospect remotely; as soon as I launch Retrospect, I get the 10 second countdown as the past-due backups start automatically.


Any idea why they don't run until I run Retrospect manually?

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Of course, it could also be because when I upgraded dad's machine from a G4 to a G5, I just dragged Retrospect across rather than re-installing it, and thus didn't get a copy of the "Retrorun" folder in /Library/Startupitems...


I'll try that before upgrading. Retro 5 does all he needs.

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