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Error -5000/Panther/Retrospect 5.0x problems

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Recently added Panther 10.3.3 to an exisiting G4 which we've used for the last couple of years to back-up our server and network mounted volumes under 9.1 without a hitch. I'm not using a client on the server, just accessing it as a mounted volume from the desktop.


Under Panther, while trying to create new scripts, I do not have the options of opening sub-volumes on the mounted volumes. Trying to create a new folder results in error -5000. I have access privileges as I've logged into the server/volumes and they're mounted on the desktop.


As well, trying to set passwords for the volumes by selecting them under Configure within Retro., I DO NOT get anything regarding passwords. Again, the volume shows up but no sub-volumes


For now I'm going back to 9.x; at least I know it works, but would like to migrate this machine to OS X for stability issues.

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