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How do I rebuild a snapshot?

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A few months ago I mafe a backup of my entire drive to DVD. It 5 DVD's and 3 days in the making.


I plan to do incremental backups to this set only once or twice a month.


I tried to initiate my first immediate backup and I noticed the source file info is the entire drive again. Retrospect wants to write all 40 gigs.


Then I looked at the snapshots, and there are none for this backup? Is that possible? And if so, is that why Retrospect wants to write all files?


What can I do to make this back up incremental? I did notice that the backup was set to "recycle media" and that certainly would effect this situaion. I changed it to "normal", but is there more I can do to create snapshots without doing an entirely new 3 day backup?


Retrospect 5

Panther 10.2.3

iMac 17"

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