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Retro5.1 operates @ <2Mb/sec slooowww backing up Win2k client

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I'm using Retrospect 5.1.167 on OSX 10.3.2. Six weeks ago I added a Win2k backup client via TCP/IP over ethernet. At first everything worked fine and up to speed (between 20-30Mb/sec). Now I'm consistently getting 2Mb/sec or less. Looking in my Retro-logs I can pin-point the date at which the dramatic slowdown in backup speed for the client began, but I haven't found the cause or solved the problem. To be clear: Retrospect *is* backing up the client, just very slowly.


The date where slowdowns begin roughly corresponds with my running OSX 'optimizing' packages like 'System Optimizer X 4.1' and 'Onyx'. I'm therefore suspicious that connectivity changes were made to the system that are affecting performance. However, doing generic ping and other network performance monitoring from OSX show no anomalous connectivity speed problems: Ping rates are <23ms on average over a single hop to the client.


Has anyone else had problems with OSX optimizers and Retro backup speeds, or know what system files to check for less-than optimal settings?



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Sorry for the slow response - the forum has been a busy place as of late.


I would run a test backup from another mac to verify that the problem is not on the client side. If that backup runs well we can assume that the problem is software related on the primary backup machine. Thats where things get tricky as it is likely a problem with other software on the machine.


You may want to uninstall and reinstall the network drivers on the Windows 2000 client too.



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OK, back with a bit of a report:


- don't have access to a 2nd Mac, but I did boot into another partition containing OSX and a copy of Retro, did a test backup of Win2k: still slow

- uninstalled/reinstalled NIC, NIC driver, and Retro client: no change in backup speeds...

- examining my system logs I did find this: Mar 7 11:42:56 68-174-9-144 kernel: UniNEnetcryrub.gifmonitorLinkStatus - Link is up at 100 Mbps - Half Duplex


Shouldn't I be using full duplex?


Get Info on the Win2k client currently still shows a piddling 32 - 38k/sec range...but my Retro logs show that at one time I was backing this same client up at speeds between 60 - 70Megs/minute!



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I did attempt to run a backup from another Mac.

It always starts off great (180Mb/min), then after 150-250 Mb, it falls off quickly.

I reinstalled all network drivers on the PC.

No change.

I tried backing up another PC, same problem.

Backing up other Macs works fine.

Moving folders from the PC to the Mac (and vice versa) works fine.


smaer problem different thread: http://forums.dantz.com/ubbthreads/showthreaded.php?Cat=&Number=37793&page=&view=&sb=5&o=

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The half duplex problem is something set by the OS and the NIC driver. I suspect resolving that problem will also help with the slow client. Corrupt TCP/IP has been known to cause problems with Retrospect in the past. Reinstalling or replacing Nics is a good place to start.



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