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Restore failed - bad backup set header found - 10.3.2 & 5.0.238

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I have been faithfully backing up my company files with Firewire LaCie tape drive, Mac running 10.3.2, and retrospect 5.0.238. Today, one of my team deleted a bunch of files by mistake. Feeling empowered with my impressive stack of tapes, I said "no problem," and proceeded to attempt a restore.


here's what the nasty news was in the Operations Log:

Bad backup set header found (0x3c356e3a at 19,959,350)


and there were 4 more such errors.


only 10 of 15 files were recovered, 98.2 of 74.2 MB


Prithee, why can't I get get my files from the oh-so-expensive backup stuff that I have before me?

I have seen some reference to dirty heads being a possible issue. Does that mean if I clean my tape drive heads that I could then recover the data?


I am now executing a "Verify" as would seem germane to do, and that same message about "bad backup set header found ... is showing up in the Operations Log.


Help / Commments / condolences would be appreciated.








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With 5.0 and OSX 10.3 its anybody's guess as to what could be wrong. They have not been tested together.


I would try the restore with the trial version of Retrospect 6.0 and see if that helps. I would also try a different firewire cable and port. One other thing would be to try the restore on another mac. Are there any errors in the log that indicate a problem when the backup took place?


It could also just be a bad tape. If all of your other data restores/verifies OK that is likely the problem.



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Thank you for your reply.


I checked my error log and there were no errors in my history of backing up, the only errors occured when I tried to restore ... ! That doesn't build confidence between me and the product.


I began the verify command yesterday afternoon at 3:07 pm and it is still running - I'm on the final of 6 tapes now. The log for this process already shows 4 messages that say, "bad backup set header found"


thank you



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I have an analagous problem with a Sony SCSI Dat drive which dosn't appear under any version of OS X.


In my case I booted into OS 9 (you know hold down the Alt key while booting to give you the choice of startup drive).


I then used the OS 9 version of retrospect to re-create the catalogues and now do my once a month extra extra backups to toape from OS 9.


Of course I do daily BU's to both an onlineHD and a CD-R as well. Although I have had a problem trying to restore from CD-R... see my other posting.





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I had the same problem with a scsi ait3 drive after upgrading from 10.2.3 to 10.2.8.


I'm almost certain that it was a scsi error, so I tried changing drivers and even scsi card.

My solution in the end, was to downgrade back to 10.2.3, and all the errors went away.





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